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Virtual House extension - Builders visualisation tool - TEMPORARY WEB VERSION - PLUGIN REQUIRED
- Click on the buttons on screen to activate commands, (These are constantly changing during development) - Click on building elements to change their settings - Click on dimensions to change the values - Currently all dimensions are in Metres, there will be a unit selection towards the end of the development to enable millimetres, feet and inches along with unit conversions and triangle calculation tools.
- Unity3D plugin required -

Try out our pre-release web version interactive 3D Virtual House Extension designer app. Soon to be published for iPhone and iPAD
(Andriod APP to follow in due course)
Designed from the start as a tool for builders carrying out small single storey rear and side house extensions. Enabling the builder as the first point of contact to customise and configure their client's home extension starting from a set of typical single storey home extension templates, which could be constructed using permitted development rights. When the client order has been confirmed, the builder can then cost effectively order architectural plans, engineering and building control services (Currently England and Wales only).
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