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Many houses have under utilised space within the envelope of the existing building. Adapting and converting these spaces provides additional usable floor space for often very minimal outlay compared to constructing an extension. Common conversions include Loft Conversions, Garage Conversions and Barn Conversions.

Conversions require a thorough measure of the space available. We use digital and laser surveying equipment combined with traditional measuring instruments to allow us to document and analyze the measured space then design a feasible proposal. In complex building situations we will recommend the use of a dedicated building surveyor to obtain the highest level of detail internally and externally.

Many conversion designs are accompanied with carefully considered extension designs to see the full potential of your property. Very often, these type of accomanying designs are two storey side extensions which further increase the roof space for loft conversions, or single storey or first floor extensions over garages when converting these types of spaces.

In most cases a garage or loft conversion can be designed and completed with the benefit permitted development, not requiring planning approval. However, in some cases a loft conversion may need that extra space to make it feasible. This might involve raising the roof height. For detached properties this is the best option. For semi-detached or terrace properties, this may not be feasible unless the whole building has the same type of conversion completed at the same time.


Loft Conversions - Utilise the space within your loft

Garage Conversions - Gain the floor space you already have

Barn Conversions - Turn your redundant agricultural building or workshop into a usable dwelling.

Basement Conversions - Upgrade an existing basement for use as a habital space.


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Loft, garage and barn conversion designs

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