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Looking for a local Home extension or new house Builder

After deciding to extend your home or build a new house, preparing the design, getting planning approvals, producing a specification of fixtures and finishes and then investing in good construction documentation for building control approval, you will need to choose a builder to make the project happen.

There are many building contractors offering services with the skills and experience to manage your project and deliver your building to a high standard.

There are however several building contractors who make promises they can't keep and are less than honest with what they can deliver. It is important to choose wisely. Recommendations from others who have had similar work done it often a good way to help choose builders to price for your project.

The cheapest price isn't always the best so It is wise to choose 3 to 5 builders to price for your project. Most prices produced by builders are estimates and do NOT include VAT. So when prices are returned it is important to check what they have quoted for and what they have made allowances for. They should all be pricing from the same documents so there is a base point for comparison.

We can if you require send the documents we have produced to a list of builders shortlisted to price the project. We can then check the returned prices and help you choose the builder for your project. Once the builder has been chosen it is important to get a contract in place, even for a small extension. This helps to protect the interests of both parties.

Below is a list of builders whom we have worked with and from our observations have produced quality results and excellent customer satisfaction. However please meet with builders and make your own judgement. (We take no responsibility for builders work)

Aleron Construction - 0800 2425266
Building contractor based in Milton Keynes Email

S&M Building Specialists Mob:- 07778 612431
Building contractor based in Milton Keynes

M Bishop Building & Carpentry - Ph.01908 792472 Mob.07876 222235
Building contractor based in Milton Keynes


FSG Propery Services - 01908 639371
Building contractor based in Milton Keynes


Do you offer building services and would like to be evaluated for consideration to appear on this list? Please fill out our contact form. We will reply by email to request further information. Builders chosen to be entered onto and maintained on our list are strictly at our discretion.

Finding a suitable builder for your project may seem like a lottery. We can recommend builders whom we have worked with and trust.

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