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A house extension is a cost effective way to increase your usable floor space and to improve the value of your home both economically and as a place to live. To make the most of your investment, and to effectively plan your house extension, experience and flair needs to be applied with detailed construction knowledge and fresh design ideas as well as having an understanding of your requirements.

SKETCH3D Design and Drafting is an architectural house design specialist, knowing how to approach each individual home, considering your requirements to get the most of out your proposed alterations, extensions or whole house renovations. With every design commision we visit your home, this allows us to get a full understanding of the space, construction and setting. We strive to meet your ideal design outcome.

We discuss your house extension requirements and your ideas with you to form a design brief. This brief becomes our objective. Using our knowledge and experience we will advise you where the design will need to be tweaked to get the most out of your proposal and we will strive to exceed your expectations.

After the initial design we will submit the house extension designs for a planning application when required and the building control application. We will act as agent so for the most part all you need to worry about is paying the fees and waiting for the descision. We work to ensure that the designs that go in for the planning application have had the construction thought out and can be built without fundamental modification to the design.

The design process takes into account many aspects based on the client brief.

  • Size and appearance of the extension against the existing house.
  • Internal functionality of the proposal to best ensure the design flows and can be furnished allowing you the client to get the most enjoyment out of your investment.
  • Sun shadow fall over the extension and its impact on surrounding properties.
  • As standard for most projects we offer BIMx interactive 3D walkthroughs and static 3D images.

At the end of the design process we can aid you with the selection of a suitable builder for your extension or renovation project.

Other building works you may consider include conversions to utilise the space you already have and an energy efficiency make over.

We are proud of the quality of service we provide. See example house extension plans.

Our planning and design services for larger developments are in general nationwide however our range of services for house extensions are typically in the region of Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, North London, North Hertfordshire and East Oxfordshire. Please enquire if you are outside of these areas and we can determine if were are able to extend our services to your region.


Single Storey rear extension plans 

Single storey house extensions
Most house extensions tend to be single storey designs, projecting from the rear of the existing house. These type of extensions are used to form additional living rooms and often combined with kitchens creating open plan kitchen, dining , living room extensions.
Other more simple single storey extension designs are side extensions, often designed to form utility rooms, ground floor toilet facilities, garages and sometimes to knock through into the existing house to enlarge an existing room.
Single storey extension plans do sometimes project to the front of the house, these often forming entrance halls, toilet facilities or to enlarge existing front rooms.
Front, side and rear extension plans are often combined to form wrap around extensions. With clever engineering it is possible to remove whole corners of the existing homes to open the house out into the extensions creating vast open plan living spaces.
In many cases side and rear extensions can be built without planning approval using permitted development rights. Front extensions with the exception of some porch designs
will most likely require planning approval.

Double storey front and side house extension plans 

Two storey house extensions
Plans for two storey house extensions are popular when a client requires an extra bedroom or to simply better proportion the sizes of the existing bedrooms within their house. Often the ground floor part of the extension is used to contain a ground floor WC, a bigger kitchen and sometimes an improved living room.
Double storey extensions are very often combined with single storey extensions to gain the best possible use of space without the expense of a full double storey extension and sometimes the extension is designed to consider the circulation required to access a loft conversion.
In most cases a double storey extension will require planning approval however under certain circumstances the plans can be kept within the parameters of permitted development.
On many modern style houses, 2 storey extension plans can incorporate an existing side garage providing that the existing foundations have been confirmed as suitable for the construction over. To support the first floor an amount of structural engineering is required, this however when properly considered should not be a reason to put the build out of budget.